Amazing, earthy scent I am employing this in soap and almost certainly lotion too. I'm constantly astonished at the good quality and cost.....Ritz Roy( USA )

"You smell fantastic!" I get that a good deal, and I've a feeling this Patchouli Dark has small something to perform with it! As amazing because it smells, I use it for skin care, and I'm just as pleased with these final results as I am using the aroma!..................Joe Smith( USA )

I can still remember the quite 1st time I ever smelled patchouli. I was smitten! It continues to be one of my very favorite scents and I have worn it for years. Your Patchouli is amazing, deep and wealthy. Excellent strangers have come as much as me and asked, "What have you been wearing? I love it!" I would highly advise this item to any person who loves that excellent Summer of Adore scent!..............Pieter Aromatherapist ( U.K )

I love the scent on its personal but the beauty of Patchouli comes from its capacity to enhance a lot of other essential oils and make the best blends. I am a cold approach soapier amongst other points and Patchouli lends its staying power to blends through that process. I have nevertheless to have a customer with eczema whom didn't respond towards the powers of patchouli in a variety of combinations in creams and balms. Of course the truth that it really is the only oil that I know of that improves with age versus dissipating makes it my initial option oil...Mike ( USA )

This really is the most wonderful smelling patchouli I've ever had the pleasure of smelling! Deep with woody tones, and when combined with rosewood lavender or ylang ylang... ah! Definitely not a low-cost hippie smell! That is such top quality oil; people that thought they didn't like Patchouli totally love this scent! They ought to have already been smelling low quality Patchouli oil, because it seems like absolutely everyone who believed they didn't such as the smell of it are loving this...Jake ( Australia )