Patchouli Oil Benefits

Pure Patchouli Oil

Exotic Patchouli Oil
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Pure Patchouli Oil

Exotic Patchouli Oil
in 15ml Aluminium Bottle
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Patchouli oil is known for its magnificent attributes, ranging from medicinal purposes to cosmetic usages. Patchouli oil is extracted from the perennial plant called as pogostemon cablin. The oil is extracted through steam distillation process. Unlike other oils, patchouli oil yield its best properties when gets old. With the passage of time, the oil gets pungent and gains best of its properties. The oil, as aforesaid, is used in scores of industries, mostly in medical industry. There are several benefits of Patchouli oil inclusive of skincare, medicinal uses and aromatherapy. And it has properties of antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties.

Read on for more patchouli oil benefits:

Benefit Patchouli Oil 1: The foremost and most common patchouli oil benefit is that it works as a stress buster. It anti-depressant properties help relieve stress and have a better control on volatile emotions and anxiety. The oil not only busts stress but also enhance the senses. The regular use of Patchouli oil will keep you calm and peaceful.

Benefit Patchouli Oil 2: It has a unique fragrance. The fragrance has an appeal that touches mind and soul directly. That's why we see patchouli used for making incenses and perfumes. In temples, we quite often feel the fragrance of patchouli. The oil can also be blended with other oils like sandalwood, rose, jasmine, myrrh and citrus.

Benefit Patchouli Oil 3: The oil is also used for massages or aromatherapy. The massage with patchouli oil can tranquilise the mind and soul, relaxes nerves and most importantly relieves stress. In case of dermatitis and depression, patchouli oil is the best panacea. The oil is also used for healing various skin problems.

Benefit Patchouli Oil 4: The oil as aforementioned is used for healing various skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. The oil has antiseptic properties therefore heals the wounds relatively early. In addition, the oil prevents wound from further infections.

Benefit Patchouli Oil 5: The oil has anti aging properties as well. That's why it makes as a great skin care product. The oil keeps skin young and healthy.

Acne scars and other kind of skin related problems are warded off. The oil also keeps check on dry skin and wrinkles.

Benefit Patchouli Oil 6: The oil's unique fragrance is simply refreshing. And that's why it's widely used as deodorants. The deo blended with patchouli keeps away the itchy body order.

Benefit Patchouli Oil 7: Not many will believe it but its true: patchouli can be used to keep house clean as well. The oil has insecticidal properties, which are used to contain outspread of insects in households. Patchouli is used in sprays, vaporizers and other mosquito-repellents.

Benefit Patchouli Oil 8: Patchouli protects your skin from different kind of damages. The oil cures burns, cuts and boils. Regular use of oil can remove scars or leftover marks from measles and pox.

Benefit Patchouli Oil 9: Patchouli is also used to treat sexual problems like loss of libido, impotency, erectile problems, frigidity, etc. In addition, it lowers cholesterol and helps in shedding extra weight.

Benefit Patchouli Oil 10: Patchouli is highly beneficial in case of problems like cough, nausea, cold, diarrhoea and headaches. In case fever, mainly caused by some infections, Patchouli is the best remedy. Oil also helps in bolstering immune system and fight infections.